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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Triangulate Knowledge?

We are a firm that matches industry experience and knowledge, in the form of human capital, to firms who need to understand companies, industries, sectors, markets and technologies better and thus help them make better decisions. We use a bespoke approach, undertaking a fresh search for the best expert for each project, every time. Our founder, Charlie Ross, believes there is a need for thoughtful engagement with experts, with a ‘high touch’, personal approach to engaging with, and matching, expertise and insights with thoughtful people. That’s why we’ve reached out. 

Why me?

Our clients are trying to solve all sorts of questions and ideas. Speaking with someone from industry, like yourself, with actual experience, helps them make smarter, more informed decisions. We've reached out so we could better understand your experience, your background, share some details of the specific opportunity to consult, and ensure that it would be a good fit. That is how we are different, our priority is quality, we take the time to speak, one-on-one, and thoroughly understand what your experience is and why you would match the topic.

How did you find me?

We identify experts such as yourself via a range of channels, including referrals from other top experts, articles, industry associations perhaps even a simple web search.

So, who are your clients then?

We work with private equity, hedge funds, mutual funds and consulting firms who need a lens on a range of industries or sectors globally.

When you say 'consultation' what do you mean?

Our clients typically rely on quick phone calls that you can 'opt in' to. The typical length of a call is circa 60 minutes. Sometimes that can also lead to some additional work if you would like to participate in that as well, everything is on an 'opt in' basis.


Am I expected to discuss anything confidential?

No, and please don't. This is a key part of the relationship. Our clients don't want confidential information nor do they want Material Non-public Information (MNPI). They simply want different perspectives and views on their topic of interest so they can form a mosaic view and understand it better. 

How do I get compensated for my time?

We make the process as smooth and seamless as possible. The documentation process is technology driven and your compensation is based on your hourly rate. We process payments weekly and can pay in all major currencies.

How do I get started?

That's easy. Engage with the Triangulate Knowledge individual that reached out to you or email

We're looking forward to working together!

Best, TK Team

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