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Our Services

Triangulate Knowledge is Australia's first and leading expert network. Providing both local and global reach to subject matter experts to unlock the knowledge of lived experience and help clients with insights on-demand, solving real problems and getting answers to real questions.


The team has decades of combined experience, ensuring that insights and knowledge sharing is executed seamlessly. 

Triangulate Knowledge help private equity, fund managers, consulting firms and corporates thoughtfully engaged with the freshest, local and global, experts from industry.

Our clients move from assumptions to action, faster, by engaging the best expertise and insights, globally.

Modern Office

Expert Calls

Ramp up quickly on your key topics, get smart faster to make more informed decisions through awesome, hand picked, insights.

Business Meeting

 Survey & Written Work

Survey work captures insights across a larger population of experts, faster. Commission written work when having a tangible report is essential.

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Uncover key experts to position in your investment to add profound capability.

New York Office

Expert Witness

Use our services to find local and global key opinions that lead to better outcomes through the legal process.



“Thanks for organising the call this week, it was outstanding”

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