Triangulate Knowledge is a Sydney based expert network firm founded by Charlie Ross. Having spent years in the expert network industry, he was inspired by a vision that many firms need to tap fresh insights and expertise in ways beyond that typically available through the usual channels.  

The TK team has decades of experience and a passion for the expert network industry, working on global projects, sourcing insights and experience for both private and public market institutional investors, consulting firms, law firms and corporate clients. To date the team have worked across almost 30 different countries and navigated many more time zones to source experts. We thoroughly vet each expert to the client's specific request each time, checking for a genuine match on knowledge, this ensures a much better outcome for client and expert.

Uncovering genuine insight requires a bespoke, high touch, approach to engage the most relevant people. We pride ourselves on quality and finding the freshest perspectives. This means the most impactful experience for both the client, and expert, through thoughtful engagement and a service mindset.


The best local and global insights for our clients and their decisions.


Attentive, Thoughtful, Accurate.